Ladies! It’s time to build a better life!!

//Ladies! It’s time to build a better life!!

Ladies! It’s time to build a better life!!

Have you ever had one of those days when you were 20 mminutes late for a church service or function, just because you woke up that morning 30 minutes later,because you went to bed 40 minutes later, because you were busy trying to sort out what to dress up in to church/function, or you were wearied from trying to sort out what the kid(s) will wear the next day?

Have you ever left your home feeling stressed and less confident in yourself and how you appear because you just could not find that particular accessory that would have given your  dress that finishing touch?

I can seriously relate with those situations and even far worse cases.

Now the most important question is “How can you organise your life so you have time,money and energy to focus on whats important?”

The answer is simply “Work on your space!” In handling time concerns, money management, physical/emotional stress, we are all dealing with space issues. Today’s obsession with confusion, speed and disorder makes us too busy crowding our lives that we don’t allow enough room for rest and calm.

With the increasing life and financial demands,time becomes a luxury especially for women. Stress makes you lose time and money.

Here are tips on how to “Work on your space!”.

  • Organise your time with the use of SMART goals. Make a daily to-do list of goals/plans and prioritise them using Lakein’s A/C system. “A” goals are the most important and must daily be given 80% of your time, “C” goals (TV,Shopping,etc) should use up 20% of your time. The reverse is most times the case.
  • More tips coming ….


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  1. Chika Onyeukwu January 18, 2013 at 10:37 pm - Reply

    I’m guilty of this scenario. I guess we all are but to make life more interesting, goal-oriented and fulfiling we should desist from majoring on the minor and redirect our energy to the essentials of life.

    Great job!

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