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The JessylsCharm brand was created from a place of passion. In 2011, when Jesmine decided to leave the insurance brokerage firm where she worked to answer the call of entrepreneurship, she went on a soul-searching trip. On that trip, in her dining room with a cup of tea and her laptop somewhere in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, in Africa, she came to terms with something that had always come naturally to her. She loved to organize and get others organized. She had reflections from her university days in 2001-2005 when friends would admire her well-put-together room corner and closet and beg her to come lend them a hand in getting theirs together.

At the time, Jesmine would never have thought she would end up with organizing as a profession but a couple years later, she was convinced that her purpose was tied to this. The conviction was sparked by a deep desire to help others navigate through life better. Jesmine’s passion was also greatly influenced by the purchase of her first ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’ (one that had “Declutter Your Life” boldly inscribed on the front page) and watching a couple of Oprah Winfrey’s TV shows some of which featured her Personal Organizer, Peter Walsh. Seeing Oprah embrace the concept of organizing and sharing how it has improved her life gave Jesmine just the nudge required to pursue her gift for order and passion for an organized life even though JessylsCharm had to start out as Nigeria’s first Professional Organizing and Productivity Solutions Company. She remembers using her Oprah inspiration to attract JessylsCharm’s first clients. Till date, Jesmine uses marketing messages like – “Oprah has her own Personal Organizer and is as successful as she is today because she understands the value of being organized.’’ “Oprah’s success story is inspiring but what inspires us more is her love for organizing.’’ “Oprah loves to organize. Be like Oprah!’’ “Organizing is one of Oprah’s success secrets.’’

From pioneering the organizing and productivity industry in Nigeria, JessylsCharm has grown into a company also now in Canada with a vision to create an organizing culture that is different from that of any other organizing and productivity company in the world. We are driven by excellence, innovation, constant learning and outstanding customer service.

In 2016, after extensive research coupled with our years of organizing people, we created The JessylsCharm System aka the 4-10-10-10 Organizing System, which is our exclusive organizing and productivity framework aimed at helping us provide outstanding solutions to our customers. The JessylsCharm System is made up of a 4-Step Organizing Approach, 10-Step Organizing Procedure, 10 Organizing Principles and 10 Basic Organizing Systems. It is what we call The Organizing Gold Standard.

We believe in our grand purpose which is to make the world a more habitable place and we’re doing so by organizing the world one person, one household and one business at a time. Your journey to a more fulfilling existence starts with us. Together, we will ensure that your organizing and productivity needs are met, down to every single detail.

As we continue to develop new systems and solutions for solving the human existential problem of disorganization, one question on our mind is; what kind of homes, businesses, and planet are we going to bequeath to the next generation?

I feel privileged that God gave me the gift and call to serve others because organizing is more than a profession or business to me; it’s a calling. It’s a calling that has transformed and continues to improve my life and one that has also given me the opportunity to help others experience the benefits of an improved life. I regularly encounter people who enlist my help in dealing with confusion, chaos, clutter and stress in all areas of their lives. As a result of the deep desire to see people enjoy life, I’m constantly exploring the concept of organizing and productivity and discovering tried and tested solutions for solving the human existential problem of disorganization. Truth is, disorganization often leads to a number of mental and physical health issues amongst other issues and can potentially chip away at our quality of life.

I believe my purpose is to help people navigate through life better with my calling. Organizing is a life skill that everyone needs. Navigating through life whether at home, at work, emotionally or mentally becomes effortless with the right application of organizing/productivity skills and systems. I believe that one of God’s admirable attribute is orderliness which is evident in the harmony among the elements of the universe and that we are designed to function better when we are organized.

As a Christian and one whose life has been molded by Biblical principles, I reckon that through Our CHARM Principle, JessylsCharm can help people around the world irrespective of their belief, culture, race or needs embrace The Organizing Culture and experience the type of life we call ‘heaven on earth’.

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