Hey guys! Happy 2016. I trust we are all having a smooth ride already. I thought to share some simple yet amazing organizing fixes that can help us kick-start and ride through this year in a calmer and more controlled manner.

This year, we are not going to be cool with mess and clutter. We are going to make the most of our spaces and ensure that the quality of our lives is not negatively affected by the way we live – and I hope that by now, you all know that by spaces I mean both your physical and mental space.


  1. Go cordless.

 I am one of the people on earth who will be forever grateful for technology, its advancement and how it’s changing the way we live because I’m not sure cord/cable clutter drives anyone else as crazy. Now that we have wireless technology, we can save the planet the trouble of cable clutter and the mess they can create.

A perfect example of how going cordless can be beneficial to you is having an office desk with a desktop computer, keyboard, mouse and a printer with no cable connections. Actually, you can even decide to hide your printer or keep it few meters away from your desk.


  1. Be electronic-savvy.

So, you are someone who loves to read and you just keep acquiring physical reading materials that tend to end up as clutter or become overwhelming for you to handle. The good news for you is, most authors, publishers, media companies, etc. have gone electronic. You can read most of your books and news online today. Thanks again, to tech.


  1. Go paperless.

When we go paperless, we fell less trees and help conserve our natural environment. The world is shouting ‘global warming’. The simple questions is, how can we individually help to cater to our earth? Here’s  the answer. Going paperless, apart from encouraging eco-friendliness also boosts efficiency, as businesses all over the world are taking this route to curb paper clutter and improve workflow.


  1. Try the cloud.

For the many of us that cherish photographs, we can’t help the desire to capture those beautiful and memorable moments. Let’s face it. We moved past the age of printing every photograph we love or even letting them use up our mobile device storage. Try icloud, dropbox cloud, evernote cloud or anyother cloud storage for not just those moments you cherish but also for information that you want to easily access anytime and from any location.


  1. Label it!

This is the year to give labelling a better shot. It will save you a lot of time and a ton of energy. That time and energy you spend opening every storage bin in your closet or pantry just to find one item is worth saving. To spice it up a bit, you can use graphic labels especially when organizing the kids.


  1. Remind yourself.

Please and please, don’t underestimate the relevance of reminders this year. Whether you choose to use a mobile or pen/paper reminder, you should take full advantage of the benefits of putting down your ideas, tasks and schedules and tracking them. You can make Post-it-notes your friend this year. It is that easy.


  1. Sparkle everyday.

Make a decision right now to maintain daily cleanliness, order and beauty in your space and you will be happy you did. If you have to make your bed more than once a day to keep your space organized throughout the day, it is way worth it.


Have a CHARMING 2016.


Your Organizing/Productivity Buddy.





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  1. Chika January 6, 2016 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    Brilliant piece. JessylsCharm, keeping it real. We all need order and organization in our lives. Great job!

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