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The GO-SO INITIATIVE which stands for the Get OrganizedStay Organized INITIATIVE is JessylsCharm’s CSR impact-driven initiative simply aimed at raising an organizing awareness to help get people more organized, more effective and more productive. Because we believe that people can increase their efficiency and reach their full potentials when they are organized, we are providing them with the necessary information and support systems needed to bring about a more organized and productive people and society. Our main focus is on these aspects of society: Education, Health, Women and Children.

Disorganization is this generation’s epidemic. It is costing us our resources, our planet and even our lives. If we must attain and maintain a reasonable level of productivity and advancement, we must first understand what disorganization is costing us, address the challenges and seek basic Organizing and Productivity solutions.

In this age where we are space-starved, time-constrained and constantly inundated with information, we need organizing solutions that address space management, time management, paper management, clutter control, hoarding and a host of other issues.

The GO-SO INITIATIVE has two main aspects that are seriously directed towards providing the basic resources needed in creating and sustaining an organizing awareness.




The campaign is made up of programs/events geared towards the single and simple aim of this Initiative which is getting the general public organized. The series of events focuses on these three important aspects of the society: education, health, women and children.

Education: Organization and productivity are vehicles for self-expression. After all, the first thing getting organized demands is that you figure out your priorities and identify what is important to you. Teachers and school administrators need to first acquire the necessary organizing skills and further transfer same skills to their students. 9 out of 10 poorly performing students are simply disorganized. Poor performance in students is not primarily the lack of intellectual abilities or natural talents.

Health: Hospital disorganization is a threat to the quality of life. JessylsCharm is equipped to help businesses thrive and boost their productivity in a fast-paced world and the same strategies and systems for workplace effectiveness are applied in helping medical facilities improve the quality of healthcare and ultimately the quality of lives. Hospitals will be able to increase their profits, improve their customer well-being and enhance their competitive advantage by enhancing their effectiveness.

Women: Women are taught how to capture their CHARM and ignite the SPARK in their lives and homes by simplifying, clarifying and prioritizing.

Children: We help raise awareness of the devastating effects of disorganization in the home on the physical, mental and social well-being of children in our societies and help disadvantaged families reclaim their households from clutter, hoarding and choas.



The ‘Organizing skills for students’ presentation is a JessylsCharm community service program that commenced in May 2013. The program brings Organizing and Productivity Professionals as Volunteers into classrooms with a totally interactive presentation that teaches students the basic organizing and productivity skills they need to develop good planning, prioritizing and organizing abilities.

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The program teaches students how to organize their environments, manage their time efficiently and effectively organize their activities, their materials, and their goals.


“All teachers and educators alike must have a deep conviction that our role is not to build an impression of inadequacy in children but YES! to help them reach their full potential. I haven’t met a child who was not gifted in certain ways. If a child fails, it’s because we fail as educators to inspire, motivate and develop in them the needed tools for their success.” ANGELICA F. WHITE

The ORGANISED T.E.A.C.H.E.R. TRAINING is a series of programs aimed at motivating teachers and providing them with the essential organizing skills and resources required for effective classroom management, students activity planning, the organization of classroom materials, management of students with different learning styles and integration of e-learning. The project also provides teachers with effective teaching tools such as visual aids tools, reinforcement tools, organizing tools, etc.

The role of a teacher in applying and transferring organizational skills in the classroom is essential for the academic development and success of a child and should not be under-emphasized by any school administration. Just as it would be a mistake to fail an intellectually capable child due to underdeveloped organizational skills, it would be a failure if the school system does not support and train teachers to develop their organizational skills and further transfer same to their students.


Hospital disorganization is a threat to the quality of life! Hospital organization is a must!!

Because of the increasing relationship between hospitals and the public, considerable attention should be given to hospital space management and the principles of organizing a hospital. Exploring new organizational systems is a major method of addressing service failures in hospitals.

Hospitals should be structured to envision a sustainable and healing environment that holistically supports the healthcare providers, the patients, and their families. Properly organized and well lit operating rooms, patients suites, or lobbies will directly improve the measurable quality of patient care and the rate of patient recovery.


The ”WOMAN, CAPTURE YOUR C.H.A.R.M.!” presentation

As women, don’t we all crave sanity, order, control and appeal in a world where chaos and confusion is the order of the day? It is unequivocally true that most career and businesswomen wish they had more time to do the things they love the most and busy stay-at-home moms wish they could enjoy saner lives in more organized spaces. The unalterable fact is that we all live in a world where we are time-starved and space-constrained and it is therefore very important that we find ways to deal with our organizing challenges before the quality of our lives take a nose-dive. An organized and fulfilled woman is the one who has captured her C.H.A.R.M. –C-Clarity, H-Harmony, A-Appeal, R-Relaxation, and M-Motivation.

The CAPTURE YOUR CHARM program is a GO-SO Initiative specially designed for women. The 30 minutes to 1-hour presentation teaches women the benefit of an organized life and the beauty of a simplified existence.


Radio and YouTube broadcasts addressing a number of disorganization issues, organizing challenges and proven solutions will soon be launched. The broadcasts will discuss and proffer timely and tested solutions to issues such as:

  • Organizing kids.
  • Organizing teens and tweens.
  • Organizing finances.
  • Organizing the mind.
  • Organizing schools and teachers.
  • Organizing different areas of the home.
  • Organizing for the special needs person.
  • Organizing for the elderly.
  • Eco-friendly Organizing.
  • Work-space organizing.
  • Dealing with paper-clutter.
  • Dealing with compulsive hoarding.
  • Goal setting and Prioritizing.
  • Organizing =Stress reduction=Health improvement.
  • Typical organizing struggles at a hospital.

We are always looking forward to providing all our programs to different organizations and the general public. To book a speaking appointment with us, please reach us on +1 (613) 875-3799 or send an email to



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