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Residential Organizing Solutions (ROS) by JessylsCharm

ROS Needs Assessment *Complimentary
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ROS by JessylsCharm Hands-On (1-2 Person Team)$65 Per Hour
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ROS by JessylsCharm Hands-On (3-4 Person Team)$105 Per hour
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ROS by JessylsCharm Virtual $45 Per Hour
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Products Purchasing Services5% Of Purchase price
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Donations Pick-up & Drop-off$30 Per Hour
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ROS by JessylsCharm Packages

Package TypeSessionsPrice
Boost2 Sessions$4876% (Save $33)

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Bloom4 Sessions$9469% (Save $94)

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Sparkle8 Sessions$1,83012% (Save $250)

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Soar16 Sessions$3,53615% (Save $624)
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ROS by JessylsCharm Fixes

ROS Fix TypeRate Range 
Closet Fix (1 Closet Organizing)$500 - $1,000
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Kitchen Fix (1 Home Kitchen Organizing)$500 - $1,000
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Kiddies Fix (1 Kid’s Bedroom Organizing)$500 - $1,000
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ROS by JessylsCharm Package and Fix Features:

  • ROS by JessylsCharm Package is 4 hours per Session.
  • ROS Package Sessions cover the general organizing of all areas of the home including home paperwork and other related residential organizing needs using the JessylsCharm System.
  • ROS by JessylsCharm Fixes prices will be determined based on the size (small, medium or large) in square footage and condition of the specific space.
  • ROS by JessylsCharm Packages include the JessylsCharm Residential Organization System with tools for the organization of the different areas and items in the home.


*ROS Assessment is complimentary but terms and conditions apply.

*Travel Cost (travel time/accommodation charges) will apply to clients outside Ottawa, Ontario.

*The ROS by JessylsCharm Virtual includes a detailed organizing plan, implementation guide, shopping list and virtual support (phone, email & Skype). Clients can complement this solution with the Products Purchasing Services.

*The JessylsCharm System aka the 4-10-10-10 System is Our 4-Step Organizing Approach, 10 Basic Organizing Systems, 10-Step Organizing Procedure and 10 Organizing Principles.

*ROS Packages and Fixes do not include product purchasing and pick-up/drop-off services.

*ROS Packages are valid for only 6 months from the time of purchase.

*Clients can decide to personally purchase their organizing products for any of our ROS Services based on the approved project plan.

*Clients can choose between either of the ROS by JessylsCharm Hands-On options depending on their expected project delivery time or personal preference.

*100% upfront payment is required for all Packages and Fixes. Minimum booking of 4 Hours is required as down payment for the ROS by JessylsCharm hourly rates.

*Donations pick-up & drop-off will be complimentary for items in not more than 3 small/medium boxes. Boxes must be size 18x18x16” (LengthxWidthxHeigtht) or less. For more/larger items, hourly rates will apply.

*Returning clients also get 10% off original rates.

Email or call +1 (613) 875-3799 for further inquiries and to discuss our service rates.

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