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We are a full-service Organizing and Productivity Company with experience and expertise in solutions that help individuals, households, and businesses better manage their resources and improve their quality of life and work.
At JessylsCharm (pronounced ‘’je-sees-charm’’; the l is silent), we hold this belief so dear; that people do thrive better in organized environments because a mentally and physically organized environment is enabling and produces highly effective and productive people who can reach their full potentials. That is why we are establishing orderliness and improving space management one space at a time with our uniquely tailored services. Our user-centric approach infused with technology delivers on our unique promise. Our promise, is making peoples’ lives, spaces and work Smart, Efficient and Appealing. This is what we call our SEA Advantage.




Our operations involve Consultancy, Coaching, Concept Design/Space Planning, Space Design/Re-designing, Staging, Custom Organizing Systems, Paperwork/Document Management, Clutter Solutions, Workflow Process Design and Organizing Education. We serve individuals, homes, corporate organizations, institutions, and businesses. We sort and store different types of items, re-design, re-structure and arrange all kinds of spaces and improve processes to make sure that our clients’ enjoy a clutter-free, highly functional and absolutely comfortable environment and an improved work and lifestyle. We also counsel and teach the concepts of organizing and productivity while deploying non-traditional and scientific approaches to solving the human problem of disorganization.

We understand our clients’ need for more time, more energy, more productivity and more fulfillment because research has shown that individuals thrive in organized spaces. We, therefore, collaborate with our clients to bring calm, order, and control to their spaces and lives.

At JessylsCharm, we pride ourselves in our highly unique and customized solutions and we’re delighted to provide same to you.
The smartest investment of time and money you can make today may be to get your life, home and work organized with our SEA (Smart, Efficient and Appealing) Advantage.

To establish orderliness, improve space management and provide innovative solutions to any kind of organizing problems.

To be a leading global organizing and productivity company and a provider of the most exceptional solutions with a commitment to Strategy, Social Impact and Sustainability.
To enhance our clients’ performance, boost their effectiveness, maximize their outcome, and ultimately improve their overall quality of life and work with the most strategic and innovative organizing and productivity solutions.

Professionalism: We possess the ability to deliver the best of services. From an initial friendly consultation to tracking and documenting client progress, we exude top-notch competence.

Integrity: We would not trade your trust in us for anything. We uphold sincerity in all our dealings.

Innovation: We’re committed to developing new and better solutions for solving the problem of disorganization.

Charm: We promise to bring you: C – Clarity H – Harmony A Appeal RRelaxation M -Motivation.

Efficiency: We are passionate about ensuring a boost in peoples’ abilities to produce more results.

Excellence: Our uniqueness explains our belief in excellence. We are always reaching for the best without compromise.


Initial Consultation: This is an initial over-the-phone meeting or what we may call a discovery call that involves an introduction and brief conversation about the clients’ challenge and the need for our services. This consultation is to determine which JessylsCharm Solution(s) is the best fit for you and to ensure a highly rewarding experience for both us and our clients. During this call, a date will be scheduled for a thorough needs assessment. *Complimentary Needs Assessment for JessylsCharm LOS and ROS only*

Needs Assessment: After a service agreement has been reached, we proceed to assess our client’s needs. During the needs assessment, we carry out a step by step evaluation of the client’s LIFESTYLE, RESIDENTIAL or BUSINESS organizing challenge(s) and expectations. We take the results of the evaluation, analyze the problems and develop a plan for the organizing project. We then deliver the detailed project plan called the JessylsCharm Project Plan aka JPP (which may include one or more of the following: a mood board, a step by step project process with timelines, a list of organizing solutions required, their costs and sources, a 3D Architectural Rendering of the end result, etc.) to the client.

Project Implementation: Upon our client’s approval of the JPP, we commence either one or all of our LIFESTYLE, RESIDENTIAL or BUSINESS Organizing Solutions by proceeding with the implementation and integration of the organizing Strategies, Structures, Systems & Solutions outlined in the plan.

Concluding Assessment & Follow-up: Upon conclusion, we carry out a concluding assessment of every project to collect client feedback and ensure an entirely successful organizing project. We also provide a complimentary follow-up schedule and other optional follow-up sessions for the client.


Jesmine Onyeukwu
Jesmine OnyeukwuOrganizing/Productivity Expert, Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Chief Organizer @JessylsCharm
Lovelyn Chukwuocha
Lovelyn ChukwuochaOrganizer
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