The holidays are very special and cherished by a lot if not all of us. They make for relaxation, fun, friends’ and families’ time-out together. We are fast approaching the biggest holiday season in the world and a lot of us are already holiday mindful. Although we already have our desires and intentions for the holiday, what is most important is planning and organising for the season. Without a proper plan the holiday season can become a period of chaos and stress instead of a period of fun and relaxation.

Allow for sufficient focus on the family while planning this holiday. Endeavour to make this holiday season a lot more fun and definitely fulfilling by dedicating every aspect of it to your family and I bet, you will be glad you did.

Before, during and after the holidays, there are various vital areas to be addressed in the family. The planning and organisation could cover areas such as meals to be prepared, get-together activities, church events, gifts, etc.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of the season with your family touching the most important aspects of the holiday planning and organisation.


Since food is a way of life and holiday seasons are usually associated with abundant supply of food, it is only wise to address the issue of proper meal planning during the holidays. Take the food out of the holidays and you’ll blow-up everything, but then, consume food recklessly during the holidays and end up feeling blown-up. Let the main focus for the holiday not be the food but the fun with family and friends. A well organised holiday meal menu put together by the entire family should provide a perfect plan for balanced meals. Meals that incorporate a lot of veggies, fruits, nuts and other necessary nutrients should be considered before grocery shopping. Whether you are hosting family parties, inviting friends and neighbours over or simply preparing home meals, you should be organised with your holiday meals this season.


The holiday season is not only meant for exchanging gifts with family, friends, colleagues, it is also a special period that should include charity donations and sharing with the less privileged. Start organising your gifts/donations with your family this season by: Firstly, making a list of gifts/donations recipients with their addresses. Secondly, make a gifts ideas list and/or donations destination options with your family budget for the season in mind. Remember to consider gifts alternatives likes gift vouchers, favours or service coupons. Thirdly, decide where to shop, whether in the stores or online and go shopping or use the services of a personal shopper if you can afford one. Buy all you need before the 11th hour rush. Fourthly, have gifts and/or your donations properly wrapped, labeled and ready for delivery. Lastly, arrange for delivery and make sure to deliver all your gifs/donations. 


Look out for affordable, beautiful and home friendly decorations, arrange for someone to install them just in time or get everyone in the family involved with the holiday décor installation. Also make arrangements for storage systems for the holiday decorations after the season so you don’t overwhelm yourself and family with the clutter that could result from disorganised decoration accessories.


Consider what events you and your family will be attending or even hosting and the activities involved, make a list of them in your calendar or diary. Make sure to plan extensively for holiday events/activities to avoid chaos and stress thereafter. Remember to be moderate and cautious as holidays seasons seem to promote excessiveness and unnecessary indulgence. For example, avoid activities that cause alcohol abuse, smoking, over feeding, etc.


The extras like special clothes/costumes for the holiday events, airport pick-ups and drop-offs, calls to be made, messages to be sent, etc should be well thought out to avoid disappointments. Disappointments can easily kill the true essence of the season which is happiness, togetherness and relaxation. Don’t set too-high expectations and remind yourself of the essence of the holidays in the face of any unexpected disappointment as that will help your mind get over any negativity.

This holiday is all about the family, make it count!


Jesmine Onyeukwu

Organising/Productivity Expert

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