GO-SO and live your best life!

//GO-SO and live your best life!

GO-SO and live your best life!

Get Organised-Stay Organised and live your best life!

Whether at home or at work, productivity experts say that the best way to stay ahead of your game is to get organized and stay organized.

In a world where technology is buzzing and life is speeding up, struggling to keep up with the pace of happenings could seem overwhelming. The simple way out is to take control of your environment which will ultimately put you in control of your life.

Your environment is made up of the things, places and people you deal with on a regular basis, whether it is your bedroom, your kitchen, your computer, your car, your wallet, your office and even your email. The key to living your best life is taking control of these areas at all times.

JessylsCharm is very delighted to assist you in getting organized, but we may not be there with you all through the journey of maintaining that lifestyle. Organising is not a destination, it’s a journey. Hence I always say “apply the GO-SO system of organizing to get the most from life”.

Let me give you some simple organising tips that can motivate you to GO and SO.

  • Organise your wallet: As simple as it seems, a disorganized wallet can really slow you down. I have been there! Overstuffing your wallet with receipts, complimentary cards, small notes, etc is a NO NO if you must GO and SO. You only need the essentials: the ID cards, ATM cards and cash. Toss the non-essentials.
  • Organise your car: With our hectic and time-consuming lifestyles, it’s no surprise that things like extra shoes, some paper work/ files from the office, books, lots of CDs, empty fast food wraps and even clothes are left behind in our cars. Take out the things that are not essential to your daily trips, whether in the trunk, backseat and the pigeon hole on your dashboard.
  • Organise your room: I like this definition of a room “the amount of space that is needed for a particular purpose”. Take out the unnecessary, take out the useless extras from your room space. Apart from staying organized, your space should also not affect your health, safety and comfort. If you must breathe and relax well, organize your room.
  • Organise your e-mail: My husband motivated me some time ago to create folders in my e-mail so that I don’t go over and over looking for mails I need to make reference to. Move reference mails to designated/related folders. Keep only mails that need immediate attention in your inbox, and for everything else, either file or delete.
  • Organise your projects: If you have a busy schedule at work or you are a very creative business person like me, having a planner is very key to staying organized. It could be a mobile planner or a book planner or some other online application that keeps you on track with projects you are planning/executing or a place you can put down your ideas when they spring up or a planner that gives you a reminder of engagements or assignments.
  • Oganise your refrigerator: After a long day out, one of the places I want to reach once I get in is my refrigerator. Keeping it organized makes it easier to reach want I really need. Pull out everything, wipe it clean, throw out all the expired items, sort out the leftovers and restock.
  • More tips coming….

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  1. Bisi BusyBee January 16, 2013 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    A very nice/insightful piece. I’d look into d mailbox aspect. Thanks

    • jessy January 18, 2013 at 3:27 pm - Reply

      My pleasure.

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