I frequently get asked these interesting questions; “Who exactly is a Professional Organizer?” “What do Professional Organizers really do for people?” “Why do I need the services of a Professional Organizer when I think I can handle my space by myself?”, etc.

A Professional Organizer aka PO is many special things to a lot of people. It’s not a question of whether you need a PO, it’s rather a question of what goals you need to achieve with the help of a Personal PO. POs don’t just organize spaces; they organize people because organizing a space might be easy but it definitely takes a Professional to organize a person.

A PO can be of help to people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and lifestyle. I once had a client who needed my services not for herself but for her kids and I remember she said: “Jesmine, my kids are quite amazing but I need you to help me get them better organized and teach them how to maintain organization.” I have also had to work with very elderly people who needed simple organizing systems and a living space that catered to their needs and made their lives easier, as aging people.

 The Professional Organizing/Productivity industry is a huge and fast paced industry. It is also a unique profession that teaches industry members how to apply concepts and systems that are tailored to meet the organizing needs of children, students, business owners, busy executives, stay-at-home-moms, new families, people with special needs, aging people, etc. What overwhelms you is what inspires a Professional Organizer because of their unique passion for order. A PO can create a great success story out of an insurmountable and scary situation, hence the increasing demand for POs all over the world.

Here’s a list of things a Professional Organizer is and can be to you. Please, find one or more of these attributes of a PO that relates to you and go get one for yourself as soon as you can.

  1. Professional

Professional Organizers are trained and skilled in the art of Organizing and Productivity. A Po is usually someone who has received a reasonable amount of special training in the business of helping people organize both their physical and mental spaces. They know the ropes of the profession and respect its ethical standards when dealing with their clients. When you hire a PO, you should expect nothing short of an excellent professional conduct and a good level of effectiveness.

  1. Coach

A PO is a private teacher who transfers his/her knowledge of organizing to clients. Professional Organizers always wear their coaching hats when they are on the job of organizing their clients’ spaces, paper and time. Because they have acquired the skills, they can help you navigate through the different processes of organizing in a simple step-by-step manner so you can learn to do-it-yourself and also develop a maintenance culture.

  1. Buddy

This is the most interesting attribute of a PO. A PO is typically your friend on and off the job. We are good listeners, we can be your sure confidants, we won’t judge you, we will encourage you and we will be there for you when you need us. My clients easily become my friends because as I walk the journey of organizing with them, we find some connection and share a deeper understanding of the concept of individual-specific organizing methods. Most of the time clients welcome POs into their personal space and that is because they feel relaxed around us and trust our judgments.

  1. Cheerleader

Every one of us needs a PO for a cheerleader. A person who strongly supports not only the idea of getting organized but also the idea of helping others get organized. Professional Organizers are very enthusiastic people and can bring a truckload of energy and positive vibes into your space and even your life. Who doesn’t need those? A PO is sure to be standing by your side even when you fall or have a relapse and will help you find your feet and motivate you towards becoming your most effective and productive self.

  1. Therapist

Most of the concepts we use in Organizing and Productivity have therapeutic qualities. These Organizing and Productivity principles relate to and address our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. The Principle of letting-go, for example, have helped a number of people gain more control over their lives and spaces. I have a colleague who specializes in memorabilia. When her clients find it difficult to give up something dear, yet dysfunctional to them, she employs some release techniques that allows them to focus on what is of more importance to their daily lives.

  1. Personal Planner

Yes! This should get you excited. As your Personal Planner, a PO will help you with your to-dos, tasks, plans, goals and ideas. We provide client-specific goal-setting, task-analysis, time-management, travel schedules, events coordination, and ideas-coordination systems that have been proven to help reduce stress, increase effectiveness and boost productivity in our clients. A PO can take you from ordinary to exceptional in almost no time because POs understand that the clear difference between successful people and average people is in personal planning.

  1. Expert

Professional Organizers apart from being knowledgeable, are mostly talented and experienced. They are specialists who handle a number of unique disorganization challenges that may be related to yours. Even though we don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution to our clients, we take every task seriously because every job gets us better equipped for the next one. POs are also very creative and always developing or learning new and more efficient ways of accomplishing their tasks. POs specialize in areas like residential/business space organizing, paper/information organizing, time management, estate organizing, special needs organizing, etc.

The only different thing you may need to do today to ensure your steady progress and increased effectiveness is to run out that door and go find yourself a Professional Organizer.


Your Organizing/Productivity Buddy





Featured image, courtesy of DMZ Professional Organizer.
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