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Do you ever feel overwhelmed or trapped by the clutter in your life? Living amongst disorder or being surrounded by “things” that eat up your space can have an ill-effect on your health. To help you deal with disorganization habits that are harming you, I developed a GO-SO action plan.

After identifying the different categories of your possessions with my EN-DO Analysis, the next simple step is to apply this organizing-process-action-plan.

I call it the KTG plan. This action plan can be mentally demanding for some people but taking these bold steps will definitely put your life in perspective, if you must GO and SO. This plan does not just apply to the physical but also to the spiritual and emotional aspects of our lives.

K- Keep. If you are going to enjoy your trip on life’s journey, you must learn to carry along with you only the most important stuff. Keep the items that are useful to your daily living first. Everything else must be considered less important. I keep saying to people,”Life is truly simple, you can only make the best of it when you keep it that way”. In the refining or purifying process of gold, there is what is termed the “impurities”. If those particles are not removed from the raw gold, the gold doesn’t glitter. If you must glitter, from this moment, choose to purify yourself in all ramifications.

T- Toss/Trash. Are you ready to loosen your grip on the things that no longer serve you?  JessylsCharm will be delighted to guide you through that path. We offer tools and suggestions for freeing your life of things that are polluting your human energy field and crowding your physical surroundings. Whether you are clearing out a closet of useless materials, or freeing yourself of emotional baggage, such as obsessive thoughts… Good Riddance!

G- Give. To relinquish your right of possession to someone else could be very difficult but the truth is you are releasing yourself and at the same time blessing someone else. My husband called my attention sometime ago to something that really struck me hard. He said “there are some shoes on your rack that haven’t come down in almost a year; you should do something about that”. I then realized that the shoes had become clutter. Though they were still very good, I had lost interest in them, but just couldn’t let them go. I took this same bold step and I felt even happier afterwards. Letting go will set you on a path towards fulfillment and personal empowerment. You can choose to donate to charity or just share with friends, family and neighbors.


It’s really sad that sometimes we let our STUFF define us. Long-term happiness will never be achieved by material possessions; they only satisfy ‘instant gratifications’ and that is what most of us are constantly seeking.

Let go and free your inner being! Take these bold steps today!! Good luck!!!

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