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Jesmine Onyeukwu is an Organizing and Productivity Expert with over 7 years of industry experience. She’s the Founder and CEO of JessylsCharm and has provided organizing and productivity coaching and consultancy services to individuals, households, not-for-profits, government institutions and the private sector. She holds a BSc in Economics with a minor in Education, is an OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) Database Administrator and a Certified Professional Organizer. She is a Speaker, Writer, Trainer and an advocate of sustainable development.

She worked with the government, taught in the classroom and had a stint in insurance brokerage before answering the call of entrepreneurship. Popularly called “Organizing Queen” by her friends, she’s known for her knack for order, attention to details, creative ability, extraordinary interpersonal attributes and amazing customer relationship.

Jesmine is Nigeria’s Premier Organizing and Productivity Professional now resident in Canada. As a pioneer of the Organizing and Productivity industry in Nigeria, she founded the JessylsCharm brand in 2011. She is also the first Nigerian Organizing and Productivity Professional to join NAPO (National Association of Organizing and Productivity Professionals), the Organizing authority in the US. As a result of her passion for and commitment to the industry, she was able to conquer the challenges of starting out in a new field and JessylsCharm was able to break into the Nigerian market. She served both residential and corporate clients, coached a number of individuals and landed some speaking engagements. She has had affiliations with POC (Professional Organizers in Canada). She is currently a member of the Womens Business Network (WBN), Ottawa.

As an avid lifestyle writer, Jesmine has contributed to some of Nigeria’s prominent lifestyle print and online magazines – TW magazine and Bella Naija. She has also been featured in the Guardian’s Sunday spotlight and on the cover of the Guardian Life Magazine. She has also given invited speeches on entrepreneurship and the concepts of organizing and productivity in Nigeria and Canada.

In regards to giving back to the community, Jesmine’s desire to change the world one organized person at a time is evident. In the fall of 2013, she founded an initiative called the GO-SO Initiative, a platform that JessylsCharm uses to provide education and support in getting people organized and productive. Her team takes the message of organizing to schools, churches, hospitals and other organizations with the aim of enlightening the public on the devastating effects of disorganization and empowering them with the right tools for reclaiming their effectiveness.

As a result of her enthusiasm for the field of Organizing/Productivity and her innovative ideas, Jesmine recently founded and is the Principal Instructor of The Organizing Academy (TOA), an Education, Intelligence and Community Platform for Organizing and Productivity Professionals, Students and Enthusiasts.

Jesmine’s core values are excellence, efficiency, leadership and innovation which are evident in her work impact and vision for her organization. Jesmine’s strong belief in the benefits of the concept of organizing and her passion for the industry is expressed through outstanding customer service, research and constant learning.  She is an advocate of sustainable development and promotes a lifestyle of effectiveness, intentional consumption and eco-friendliness through a movement called  The Organizing Culture. She’s also passionate about youth empowerment and quality education and currently provides mentorship for the young people in her local community through an initiative called Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) via The Organizing Academy platform.

Jesmine is happily married and blessed with three kids. She is a Christian, health/fitness enthusiast and music lover. As a matter of fact, she’s been singing in the choir since she was a kid. She wants to try out professional photography someday. To this end, she has taken a crash course in photography. She has a flair for teaching; she thinks she could talk to save her life.

You can connect with Jesmine on her social media handles:

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